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Financial Portfolio Consultants

Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve with your financial portfolio, we can provide you with sound advice and professional guidance every step of the way.

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Fun Financial Services was founded to address very specific business and individual client needs and risks using advanced technology. Its main aim is to address complex issues in a way that is easy for clients to understand.

Issues like wills, estate duty and the winding up of estates for individuals, and financial risks associated with running a business, for example, signing surety, creating and managing debit or credit loan accounts and buying/selling a business for business owners are regulated by many different laws and regulations.

We witnessed that in practice it is extremely difficult for financial advisers to stay abreast of all the ever-changing laws and regulations when giving advice to clients. One needs a system developed and maintained by legal and financial experts to ensure that all the legalities are considered when formulating the advice, and that all the necessary legal agreements are then put in place when implementing the solutions.

If not, policies are sold but the personal and business risks are not adequately addressed. This often leads to dire consequences like assets having to be sold by the executor of an estate because of insufficient cash, because the policy was ceded to a beneficiary. Or businesses being liquidated because the agreement was not in place to ensure that the policy to insure a loan account is used for that purpose.

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Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.


We make use of the highly acclaimed Allegiance Risk Type Classification framework to ensure a full analysis of all potential risks and then allow clients to see the potential impact it could have as well as the possible solutions.
The ultimate solution decided on by the client takes care of all of the associated legalities and agreements.


For engineering personal solutions for clients, we use the Avalon Financial Planning Platform that can process over 5 million Financial Needs Analysis per day. It is  an intelligent planning platform driven by the latest Financial Artificial Intelligence (FAI™) and data science research.

The end result is a solution that is totally tailored to individual client needs, yet offer a holistic approach to Estate, Retirement and Investment planning. The frightning fact is that incorrect estate planning results in the forced sale of assets (like primary dwellings)  because of insufficient funds in the estates of even very wealthy people when it is wound up. On the other hand, too much cash in the estate could lead to unnecessary costs.

The correct use of legal structures like trusts and other solutions like  massing wills could also potentially save millions in estate duty and executor fees.


We distribute our own funeral cover product through the Fun Financial Services App 'Fun App'. 
If you want to design and distribute your own insurance product, reach out and become part of the Fun Financial Family.

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Collectively the team has over 50 years experience in doing Estate, Retirement, Investment and Business Insurance planning and implementing effective solutions using leading edge technology.

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After completing his law degree, Schoeman joined Sanlam in 1985 as a Legal Adviser giving advice to Clients in the Wealth and SME space.

Since then his accomplishments include a massive turnaround in Momentum Life, setting up e-business for IBM Insurance World Wide working from New York, setting up a joint venture between Hollard and CSC EMEA to enable Employee Benefits and setting up Bancassurance for FirstRand (FNB and Momentum Life).

He started his own consulting company in 2007 and consulted to various Financial Services companies. 

In April 2017 he joined Classic Private Wealth as Wealth Planner and Key Individual. Schoeman completed his RE1 and RE5 regulatory examinations.


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5 Wes Street, Jordaan Park, Heidelberg Gauteng.


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